Frequently asked questions

We are located in Chaguaramas just after the Boardwalk along the coastline of the western peninsula in Trinidad.

Our parks are open every Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays

WATER PARK:  11am to 6pm

Saturdays 11am to 7pm

Sundays 11am – 6pm


Parking and Entrance for both parks will be on the Amusement Park side of the facility (the western side)

yes, there is a gate in between the 2 parks that guests can access if they pay to attend both parks.

Yes. Parking is available free of charge at Pier 2. Please look out for the Five Islands Water Park sign and arrow on the outside, just as you pass Pier One. The parking is called ‘Zone A Parking’.

Parking in the Amusement Park is also free.

 REGULAR and GROUP 5 Pricing offers as follows:


Guests 48” & Up $200
Guests 36” to 47” – $120
Guests under 36” – Free


Guests 48” & Up $100
Guests 36” to 47” – $100
Guests under 36” – Free


Guests 48” & Up $250
Guests 36” to 47” – $150
Guests under 36” – Free



WATER PARK: 5 persons for $750 ($150 per person)

AMUSEMENT PARK: 5 persons for $1,000 ($200 per person)


Every ride and attraction has been designed by its manufacturer with specific safety guidelines for their use based on height. Guests with heights over 48” can use all the rides and attractions in the park, while guests with heights of 47” and under can use less attractions, hence the lower price for guests in this price bracket.

No. Once you pay the admission price, all rides and attractions in the respective parks are free to use all day long.

Arcade Games and Paintball are the only attractions where payment would be required.

Food and drinks are not included in the admissions price.

We currently have a special for a Group of 5 persons 

5 persons for the water park only $750

5 persons to have access to BOTH parks $1,000


(Access to the Amusement park only remains $100 per person over 36″)

If purchased at our main entrance, we accept cash, debit cards, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express credit cards, as well as Five Islands Park gift cards. You must have a valid photo ID to pay with credit card.

We accept cash, debit (Linx) and credit cards. Our park also allows a cashless option where you can load your wristband with a cash value that can be redeemed at our concessions and bars, so that you do not have to have your cash and cards on you while you are enjoying the rides.
No, you will not be required to purchase tickets or make bookings in advance of visiting us.
Sorry but this is not available at this time.
Any cash balance remaining on your wristbands can be transferred to a card at Guest Services before you exit the park. This card can be used at your next visit and carries no expiry date. There are no cash refunds.

Yes. We have lockers available for rent. Rental fee per locker is $50 for the day. $10 will be refunded to you in cash, once you return your locker key to guest services before you leave the park.

For safety reasons rides may be closed temporarily due to thunder and lightning at the park. Depending on the severity of the weather conditions a rain check may be issued as follows:
Rain Check cards for a free return admission to the park may be issued to guests in situations where our park rides are closed for 2 hours or more due to safety concerns or for circumstances beyond our control, like bad weather, power outages or national emergencies. Guests who have been in the park for 4 hours or more before ride closure will not be entitled to a Rain Check. Management reserves the right to alter this policy as required.

For the months of July and August you are allowed to bring your own food.

Outside beverages (or water),  and coolers are not allowed in the park. We do have concessions and bars with delicious food, drinks and snack options on sale.



Our ‘Eats & Treats’ promotion is the only time that you are allowed to bring your own food into the park and it is on for July and August!

Please note that the following are not allowed:

  • Beverages and Coolers
  • Glass, breakable or fragile containers
  • Pots, pans and metal utensils

Disposable utensils, wares and containers only.

Also note that our concessions will still be open serving our delicious food and beverages during these times.

NB: If our eats & treats promotion is not being advertised, then no food or beverages are allowed in the park.


Eats & Treats is a promotion, so always stay tuned to our social media channels for updates regarding when the promotion may be on.

Once no such promotion is on, then the rule remains where no outside food or drinks are allowed inside the park.

We have a variety of delicious food and drinks available at our concessions and bars throughout the park:

We offer pizzas, hamburgers, hotdogs, fries, chicken tenders

We have various snacks, popcorn, cotton candy and ice cream on sale and we offer a variety of drinks (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic).

Yes. For more information on our combo meals, or having your group event catered, please email us at and we can take care of everything you need!
Yes, we have a variety of bars that serve alcohol to adults, such as, the Wahoo bar, Gundee Bites and Sips and our swim up Jumbie Bay bar. Guests are not allowed to bring their own alcohol or any bottles into the park. Glass bottles are not used in the park. Guests may be asked to produce ID to be served alcoholic drinks
You will need to walk with a mask in order to enter the park and use while at the park. We also recommend (but is not mandatory) that you bring sunscreen and a hat for protection from the sun, water shoes to protect your feet, a towel and a change of clothes.

Yes. socks with special grips must be used on the Trampolines in the Amusement Park.  You can bring your own or they are available on sale at the park for $15/pair.  The socks are yours to keep once purchased and you can use them every time you visit the park.

If you feel unwell, please immediately alert one of our staff members or visit one or our First Aid Stations, located at the wave pool area and at the entrance of the park, where an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) will do a medical check. Depending on the nature of your illness, you may be asked to leave the park and contact your doctor.
During this phase, our entire new water park facility will be open and we have added all of our outdoor attractions from the amusement park, to offer a complete, safe outdoor, open-air adventure experience.

Yes. We have Seaside Cabanas, Riverside Cabanas and VIP Cabanas available for rent on a first-come-first-serve basis. Please call 612-PARK (7275) to make your booking or email us at


Seaside Single $400
Seaside Double $600
Riverside $600
VIP $1500

Seaside Single $600
Seaside Double $1000
Riverside $800
VIP $2000

Once you book a Cabana, it is booked for the entire time that the park is open (11am – 6pm)

Single Seaside – about 10 persons

Double Seaside – about 20 persons

Riverside – about 20 persons

VIP – about 30 persons

Cabana rentals do not include cost of admission.

Each Cabana is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before use. Once a group vacates the Cabana, it is once again cleaned and sanitized before another group can use the Cabana.
No they do not. Admission prices and Cabana prices are separate.
The VIP Cabanas are located above our Wave pool area on a private deck, allowing for elevated views and include a host, cupboards for storage, a private plunge pool, a mini fridge, bottled water and VIP Parking spots.

We currently have a Group price for 5 persons available on weekends for the summer holidays.

5 persons for $750 for water park only

5 persons for $1000 for access to both water and amusement parks

Please note that all 5 tickets must be purchased at the same time. Tickets from a Group 5 package cannot be purchased individually.


Sorry not at the moment but you can rent a Cabana in the water park or an indoor party room in the Amusement Park and bring a cake or cupcakes for the celebration. Decorations are also allowed.


Yes you can. It can either be pre-cut or you can ask your host/hostess for a knife as you would not be able to enter the park with a knife. You can also bring your own plates, forks, napkins and candles but no flare candles are allowed.

You can also choose to bring cupcakes.

Yes. We offer changing rooms and private showers in both our men’s and ladies’ restrooms located at the main washroom building near the entrance.
We also have family bathrooms located behind the wave pool building, adjacent to the Great Race slide.

We do have lockers available for rent at the park, on a first come, first serve basis.

The rental cost for the locker is $50 for the day and $10 is refunded to you once you return the key to Guest services.

Yes. All of our Bathrooms are equipped with baby changing tables.

No we do not, so please walk with your towels.

Please note that we do provide life jackets for kids or adults at the park. We do allow foam puddle jumpers, however, if you have a flotation device that you would like to use for your baby/toddler, it would have to be pre-approved on entry.

We ask guests to respect that our park is a family-friendly facility and as a result, the swimwear worn at Five Islands Water and Amusement Park must be appropriate and not offensive to other guests in the park.
Recommended Swimming Attire:
We strongly recommend rash guards, swim shorts, whole piece or one-piece swimsuits be worn by ladies, due to the force of the water on some attractions.
Men can wear appropriate swim shorts, rash guards and bare back is permitted.
Children not yet toilet trained are required to wear approved swim diapers. (Available for purchase at the park)
Water or swim shoes are permitted in the pools, but not on the slides.
Guests are required to wear proper dry clothing and shoes to use the dry attractions in the Amusement Park. (Swimwear, bareback and bare feet are not permitted on the Amusement Park attractions)
Swimwear (spandex material) is best on the slides
Swimwear with buckles, zippers or exposed metal accessories are not permitted on slides.
Thongs, G-strings or revealing mesh swimsuits or see through swim wear are not permitted.
T-shirts, long pants or jeans are not permitted on the slides.

No swimming in undergarments.

No jeans of clothing allowed on the slides

No topless or naked swimming