We consider all information and data relating to our guests to be absolutely confidential. In practice, this means we do not under any circumstances release the home address, phone numbers or email addresses of Guests to third parties including other Guests.

We do not collect and store Guest data beyond the routine back-up of our Guest database. Furthermore, Guest data is not analyzed, used or maintained in any form of statistical record beyond sales records and the general statistical tracking of our website. This information is kept behind a firewall that requires a unique password for access and does not include any of your personal payment information, which is kept exclusively on the SSL Secure Server.

There is no technical reason why your credit card information shouldn’t be secure, but a lot still depends on the management systems the merchant uses. We are fully aware of the possible consequences of this practice and do not include any of your personal payment information in email communications.

When you place an order, you will be notified through a confirmation email. That email will contain details of your order but will not contain your credit card number. We then have to collect the credit card information through the use of an SSL secure browser while gaining access through the use of a multi-character password.

Please rest assured that The fiveislands Water and theme park is doing everything possible to ensure the protection of your personal contact and credit card information.

Thank you for shopping with us and extending your trust, Fiveislands Management.


The Fiveislands refund policy is on a case by case basis and all sales are final. We do understand that there may be extenuating circumstances. Usually, the only reason a refund is authorize is when an event is cancelled. Refunds are solely at the discretion of the Park Management. Refunds cannot be issued through this web site.


The terms of use for this website is to gather information about the facility as well as purchase tickets and passes.

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