Water Park Attractions

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Signature Slides

With the latest & greatest waterslides, this complex will thrill even the biggest dare-devil!


Starting with a high speed drop through an enclosed tube, you will be launched into a huge bowl where centrifugal forces keep you high on the wall for several rotations as you eventually slow down into another enclosed tube and come out in the catch pool.


The Boomerango goes down in history for revolutionizing the water park industry by adding an iconic experience to a traditional waterslide. Featuring a steep drop that will take you up a near vertical wall for a moment of weightlessness and into free fall that surmounts a surprise hump before splashing into the shutdown area.


In complete darkness you will experience a series of three spine-tingling spirals that create the tightest, highest banking turns and biggest thrills for waterslides anywhere.


Featuring a series of uniquely engineered “rattles”, this slide will send you into unexpectedly fast near vertical oscillations. The Rattler lets riders experience completely different sensations since each rattle is longer than the last.


Grab a mat and race head first through enclosed high speed slides that spiral alongside each other into a surprise drop as you challenge your friends to see who is the fastest. This highly competitive waterslide will have you racing again and again.

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Featured Attractions


What's better than one Wave Pool? Two Wave Pools! Guests of all ages can enjoy these two incredible interconnected Wave Pools. Relax along the zero depth entry areas or play in the waves, either way everyone is sure to love this attraction!


It's just not summer without a relaxing ride along the lazy river. Fun for the whole family, cool down and unwind as you wind your way among numerous waterfalls and the other thrilling attractions. With numerous entries and two large beach entry areas, forget walking around the park... float your way there!


Grab a seat at the swim up bar or one of several swim up tables in this adult's only lagoon that features a full bar. With plenty of seats and umbrellas, there's not a better way to enjoy your favorite drink while beating the summer heat.

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Children's Attractions

With the latest & greatest waterslides, this complex will thrill even the biggest dare-devil!


With 5 slides, a huge dumping bucket, and numerous interactive spray features, the RideHouse is sure to provide loads of splashing, thrills, and laughs for all children.


We've taken our most thrilling slides and made mini-versions for the kids! The little ones can tame The Tornado, whirl through The Bowl, dash down The Racers, or wind their way through The Twister!


For youngest of guests, our designated play area for the little ones is perfect to splash and play. Your little ones will never want to leave!


Children can challenge their strength and balance as they navigate their way across a lagoon using only a hand rope and surface floats. Do you have what it takes? Join the fun and find out!

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